In everyone’s life, there are things that one is constantly thankful for because they either make life easier or more tolerable. It may seem cliché to say that there is reason to be thankful for the little things in life but the truth is without some of these little things, our lives would be an entire mess. Naturally when you are handed a piece of paper and told to write down a list of things you are thankful for, you might run out of paper before you even get started on the things that you think are a big deal. I personally have several things I know I am very thankful for and I always remind myself to thank God not just for these things, but for many more, including those I cannot remember or I am too embarrassed to thank God for. I know everyone does have a list of things they have gratitude, I won’t mention my list but just wanted all of you to know that one of the things I’m grateful for is coming for the Atlas Corps fellowship that has enabled me to meet and know you. If not for it, I wouldn’t  have met all you wonderful people who made life fun in the US. Let’s thank God for life and good health, all the great times and the knowledge we have gained and shared and for more forth-coming success!

Good luck to All!

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