Government Relations

Let’s talk about lobbying and government relations openly. In Russia, it is historically accepted to perceive this word with negative overtones. In the US, this activity is legal and regulated by law. Imagine that you have an interesting project that can only be implemented by the state. The construction of the plant, which will give the region taxes and jobs, or software that will allow the government agencies to work much more efficiently, a high-quality medical product that could save lives, and so on. It may well be that for the implementation of the project you need a government contract, and possibly a change in the system of legal regulation in the area of ​​its implementation. If you do not negotiate with government officials on this topic, the project will never be implemented. You will not get your profit, but the state will not get the right product. In this regard, it is necessary to realize that such negotiations are not shameful, but, on the contrary, it is useful and beneficial for both parties.

Today the GR institute is gradually developing in Russia. Specialists are preparing at universities, companies are developing their practice. But for now, in most organizations, such services operate at the level of intuition. And now let’s imagine that your company has a proposal for the state, which can be beneficial to both parties. How to start?

The choice of civil officer for referral

The first thing is to choose the civil servant in charge of this issue. And then you need to do what forget to do 90% of those applying. Examine the website of his department: what is their functionality in accordance with the law, what powers, goals. It is easy enough to find a position in the network about any governmental department in which the functionality is directly reflected. Remember that the question must be asked to address, otherwise you risk receiving a reply about the redirection and never wait for an answer. Remember also that the functionality is always listed in order of decreasing importance.

Further study the main news of department. They can be found on their website or in the media. So you will understand where their policies are now directed. Further boring, but very important thing: open a development strategy entrusted to a civil servant. It always shows the main programs and targets. The text is long, but it is worth it.

Preparing for dialogue

If you want to become a professional GR-specialist, then do not forget about psychology. Examine the person you want to contact. Watch his interview, speeches. Study his speech, what he is talking about and how. Learn his habits and style of dressing and serving. Understand what his strategy is and what his interests are.

The first appeal to the official

Next, make a short letter and send it through the Internet reception office. Yes, you need to start from here, if the question does not require an immediate solution. What will it give you? Reply in accordance with the law in Russia will come within 30 days. So you are guaranteed to get backlash. The answer may be additional information you need: links to laws, contacts of the right persons. Also from the answer you will understand the basic attitude of the official and you can make adjustments to your proposal for a meeting. Moreover, if the answer is positive, it must be printed out and must be shown at the meeting.

Preparation of the written meeting agenda

Next, we make an appointment. You need to prepare for the meeting. For some reason, most people also forget about this. Start by preparing the meeting agenda. In the header, enter your details and, as expected, the phrase “To number” and the number of your electronic appeal. So your document will not be lost, and will be added to the case on your appeal.

Next, of course, the text. Do not write long letters, do not need long projects. The protocol should be three paragraphs. By the way, these rules also apply to the first Internet access. So, the first paragraph – formulate the problem. The problem of the department in the formulations of its functional, the problem of society in the formulations in the media. Yes, yes, the one that you recently studied. Write the same words.

The second paragraph is a draft solution. In a nutshell, but not only the name of the project, name its essence. Don’t talk about money and complexity: you haven’t sold your idea yet. The third paragraph is very important. Write in the wording of the official and the department, how exactly it will help him in his career. Of course, it’s not that you call a higher-level employee and push or, on the contrary, ask for it. Remember, you studied the strategy of the department and the range of interests of this official? Write here in these formulations.

Final rehearsal

Next, the most incredible advice. Unfortunately, for many it is just that. Rehearse the meeting. On different people, on your worst enemies, on people who disgust you. And remember that in front of you in the process of negotiations will sit an ordinary person. With their needs, weaknesses and fears. It is limited to powers, legislation, leadership policies, and much more. Therefore, do not imagine a formidable monster with whom it is impossible to agree. This is not true.

What GR specialist is better to send to the meeting

So you came to the meeting with the protocol in your hand. The protocol must be handed over not only to the civil servant, but also to the secretary under the signature. Leave the second copy with acceptance mark. Forget the times when it was considered beneficial to send beautiful girls to meetings with high-ranking men. Now it is bad form. Meeting for you is important in order to talk about matters. Therefore, it is more appropriate to send to the meeting a person of the same age as the civil servant. Can be the same sex, can be the opposite. You should not dress up in everything the most expensive and beautiful at once, this is not a fashion show. No need to demonstrate superiority. Stay on one level.

Negotiating with a civil servant

An effective psychological technique is to slightly mirror the facial expressions and manner of speech of the interlocutor. But joking, laughing and turning the conversation into a soulful is not worth it. Officials who have fun laughing at you at the meeting, rather saw a pleasant companion than a real partner. Therefore, do not despair if you grumbled in response.

The most effective technique is as follows. Imagine that you work with a given civil servant in the same corporation. You have one corporate style, one goals. He is not higher than you and not lower. But you can not dismiss him, because he is doing his job well. After all, in fact, it is. Both of you are in the same society. The needs of society around you are the same, it can be said that the “corporate style” is common. Therefore, you are talking about one thing, and you have a common goal. You are connected by a single mentality of the inhabitants of one city or country. Both of you are interested in improving the life of society, raising production and so on.

CSR programs will help you

Ideally, if your company or your project also has a corporate social responsibility programs. Here you should not be shy. CSR is needed, including for PR of your company, this is normal. Tell us about how your project through such programs will help the public and, again, the official office.

End the meeting on a positive note and be sure to arrange a second meeting. You need to discuss the details, adjust your proposal, taking into account what was said by the interlocutor, finalize the project. By the second meeting you will be more prepared.

What to do in case of failure

One more important note if the official has categorically refused you. Do not write to him complaints. He did not violate the law. Deny his right. You may not know all the details of his work and misjudge the situation, thinking that the project is interesting. But by writing a complaint, you turn him and his colleagues away.