Everyone wants peace within, and everyone is striving to achieve peace, in their own unique ways, for themselves. People are willing to go to war, for peace. How do you achieve peace? Is it a destination to arrive at? Where can you find peace? Do you know where to look for peace? Ahhhh Yes. Peace.

Peace is not a destination, it is a journey, a process. Peace is within us all the time, waiting for us to call upon it. When you are intolerant of others, you are constantly disturbing your own peace. Being resentful, intolerant, hateful and angry all the time, does not let you find that peace lying somewhere deep down within you.

Try accepting people the way they are, their looks, their beliefs, their behavior. They are not your headache, nor your heartache. Learn to tolerate. You will arrive at that peace within you, in no time.

Whatever you give, is what  you get. That is what one must never forget.


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