Good-Bye on its Edge!

It seems like a dream that I was sending email to Meredith that have you shared my profile with CARE for fellowship because they want to interview me and she replied “Oh Great! Do let us know how it goes”. Than all went well, I was selected, I renewed my passport and got my visa and all was set to fly for United States.

This was not the first time I travel time but yes first time in U.S. With lot of expectations, excitement and hopes I stepped in Washington DC. I cried initially like a child, I miss my home like I never did that way before. But I started to enjoy my time here making new friends. I met with wonderful people. I learned many new things specially living a smile and organized life.

My friends always asked “how do they think about us being Pakistanis” I always replied “ A common American citizen is very nice, they hate wars as we do, they don’t like drone attacks as we do” We need to love them without linking it with global politics.

Now in the end of July, I have sad feelings inside that I am surely missing in Washington DC. I was thinking on the other day about those and here is the list of those things which always make me feel sad and happy too.

G 8 BUS – the bus I took from my home to office, I remember each stop now. J it pass by to youth hostel everyday and dragged me back when I arrived and was sitting outside on the bench in the night.

Farragut Square – the place I use to wait for my bus and sit there. It was fun sometimes to feed little with brownies I do have.

Narwana Express – An Indian restaurant in my office basement! They serve Halal meat too. Whenever I want to eat something from home, I miss this restaurant and people who are working there.

And list goes on with so many little things which I will remember all the life. I cherish my time in U.S.

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