It was sad to see all my class mates move on (go home and start resettling and getting along with their lives after a year of being a fellow) these last few days. I almost felt like I should have been doing the same and kept wondering all over again if I made the right decision to stay longer. During graduation day and the events and sessions that took place and when reflecting back on the year that went by I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed. It was to me certainly a year I will keep remembering. A year that I got to know some lovely bunch of people, and I know that some of these connections will go on forever. A year that certainly took me out of my comfort zone and made me think again and again about what is it that we seek in life. What is it that makes a difference to us and what is it that we seem to be looking forward to. I value the opportunity to get to meet and work with all the different people I have come across this year. I value the individual space that I got to experience during this year. And most certainly I value the break out of the usual and expected. I have accepted to extend my fellowship experience for six more months and I shall be looking forward to an even more rewarding time moving forward. I most certainly miss all my classmates who have moved on and I do hope that we get to cross path over and over again.

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