“We look to the future not with fear, but with hope. That’s why we remain convinced that this community of nations, the United Nations, can deliver a more peaceful, prosperous, and just world to the next generation.” President Barack Obama

I echo president Obama’s quote in support of the work of International Accountability Project and my Atlas Corps fellow colleague’s Potential Energy, they received the 8th annual United Nations Association-USA East Bay’s Global Citizen Awards 2013 on Sunday October 27, 2013. The award meant to be an honor of every community around the world who are making just world from the bottom up nevertheless they were not presenting on stage with the honoree organizations. The award illuminated their tireless work that creates long-lasting solutions to alleviating poverty, inequality and disparities.

At IAP, our work continue in partnering with communities in Asia, Latin America and Africa to ensure big “development” projects respect our human rights, environment, land and home we love. Real development must improve livelihoods and advance people capacity to be at the center of development decision making. Real development must ensure People Before Profit: I encourage you all to watch this VDO People Before Profit.

This Sunday, as the end of Daylight Saving Time begins, IAP team is running in the New York City Marathon to raise global awareness on forced eviction in the name of development and raise fund that will continue to support our work to end development-forced evictions and change the rule of development with our initiative Global Advocacy Team that is leading a year-long campaign for human rights protections at the new World Bank policies.

This is a long path to finish the line. Come learn more about our work, walk, run and take action you can support us. We will get there and win!

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