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GlobalGiving is an innovative online fundraising platform for nonprofits of all sizes all around the world. Since 2002, more than 5700 projects have raised nearly $67million through GlobalGiving is an open platform; if you’re interested in learning more about online fundraising, you’re invited to join the GlobalGiving community!

To secure a permanent spot on the site (and get access to a range of benefits,) you are invited to join via an Open Challenge. During an Open Challenge, organizations are required to raise $4,000 from at least 50 people in for your project. But don’t worry! GlobalGiving offers training, tools, and support to help organizations reach this fundraising goal. Once organizations secure a spot on GlobalGiving, they can benefit from GlobalGiving’s corporate partnerships (with Nike, Dell, Gap and Ford, for example) as well as GlobalGiving’s marketing campaigns and media outreach. [Please note that the thresholds change from the December 2012 Global Open Challenge. To join the site in the (next) December 2012 Challenge, organization will have to raise $5000 from 40 donors]

In the last Open Challenge in April, 330 organizations raised more than $700,000 by leveraging this opportunity. The next Open Challenge will take place in September 2012, and will be sponsored by Dell, Powering the Possible. This is a great opportunity for nonprofits of all sizes to mobilize their networks and to reach new donors. The deadline to submit the nomination form and Due Diligence paperwork is August 1, 2012.


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