The world we live in is more complex, it has become more interconnected and interdependent. Local and individual actions have brought global consequences, and the challenges we face today are affecting all of us, it is not just about your community or my city, it is about all of US, the WORLD! We can’t live without understanding each other, we live in one society, and we must prepare youth to find solutions for these challenges in a multicultural environment.

People are getting more and more educated, and it´s amazing. Literacy and numeracy are very important; however, we must lead our efforts to an education that matters, not only the one that can be measured, but to the one that provides new skills for the new times: solidarity, responsibility, human rights understanding, diversity and environmental awareness.

Global Citizenship Education must be a top priority, it is the most powerful tool we have to cultivate respect for the world and each other, to provide our kids with the understanding of a diverse world, to respond to the unfamiliar with empathy, to empower youth to lead our societies, to embrace peace, to activate civil participation, to enjoy our differences.

An education that goes beyond the classroom door is what our “educated” societies should strive for. Every year we have more accountants, engineers, economists, lawyers, etc., but how many of them are agents of positive changes? We have already learned that the world not only needs technique knowledge but also more compassion and tolerance. The concepts taught in the classrooms are meaningful but they are not enough. It is time to  live the concept.

1 thought on “Why is Global Citizenship Education so important?”

  1. Emily Lloyd says:

    PREACH PREACH PREACH! Could not agree more with everything said here. As a current trainee teacher looking into the importance of teaching children global citizenship, this completely highlights it! The way you wrote this was so inspirational, love it!

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