I believe very few things can be better than having true feeling of contentment, which most of the times come from sharing with others. It is a harsh reality that people in our surroundings are facing millions of miseries but the bright side is that there are millions of committed individuals who believe that every sorrow can be turned into a smile.

No matter how dark the night is, there is always a hope of bright morning. Rights and responsibilities are the interwoven wrap and weft. If parents fulfill their responsibilities, the rights are children are realized, if society accomplishes its responsibilities the rights of marginalized are addressed and so on.

Let’s assess our inner self that, what we can give to others? Give care, give courage, give education and encouragement, give sincere gift of guidance, give helping hand, give health, hope and happiness, give love, light and life, give opportunity, give praise, give rights, give resources, give respect, give sympathetic shoulder, give smile, give support, give your time and talent.


Giving back is actually self actualization

Here I bring you the golden words of Mother Teresa, who devoted her whole life towards humanity, says, “It’s not matter how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Give whatever you can but give it with love and dignity.

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