To get the feel, and feel truly connected at a place, take about a year or a little less in my life’s tendency. In other words, my life gets much richer when the amount of time passes. DC is particularly restless compared to other places I’ve lived, yet, these days I think I finally got the feel.

Take my work place. Everyone knows that I love working at GlobalGiving. Even though I have been fitting in the role and enjoying the work very much, and even though my superb colleagues had recognized my work numerous times, I feel that I am finally getting my role, how I can grow more, what and how I can contribute to the GlobalGiving’s big picture. It may be natural to feel that just now, because this reflection comes from the mixture of afterthought on what I have accomplished, and middle-thought (I name it so), that I am in the middle of accomplishing my work role.

What has changed? For example, whenever I need to judge or decide things at work, I think through what is important at that point, big picture? tomorrow’s efficiency? what is good middle ground “MVP”? Most of the time, when I think in that way, the answer appears obvious. And yet, interestingly, admitting subjectivity on what and how I decide, I am biased, and have preferences and reasons to think one is preferable to another. I do think everyone is more or less in that way. That is an unique opportunity for us and, in this case, GlobalGiving to embrace each other. Taking in multiple perspectives. In that way, an organization take a certain path.

Another occasion I feel that I am plugged in is that I and my supervisor know each other better than before. I have a sense what she wants to know and she does not have to take time on, and she knows what to count on me and what to remind me about. I love the kind of teamwork, and what makes my work life so much exciting and the experience richer.

People may think it is very late that I am getting this feel only now. But things have been working (really well) at least. I needed this accumulation of everyday commitment, and it is still not too late, I reckon.

PS. I know what comes next. Once I get this feel, it is really difficult to leave the place!

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