Back in Pakistan, I heard people saying that “it’s very difficult to serve in the U.S.!”

I would like to share my experience serving at International Relief and Development head quarter. It is an awesome experience and real mix of learn and contribute. When I joined IRD, I was of the perception that people will be very formal and they may not be very welcoming to a Fellow. But here I found everything amazingly opposite as I perceived it before. Everyone was so welcoming and nice that when I am at my office I feel like I am in Pakistan. (That’s my unique way to appreciate things and people in America!)

IRD is a humanitarian and development organization dedicated to improving the lives and livelihoods of the world’s most vulnerable people, especially those in conflict and post-conflict environments   while using gender, youth, peace and conflict resolution, WATSAN, DRR and environment as cross cutting. After reviewing several reports and internal documents, I must say IRD is playing a significant role to bring positive change in order to strengthen global humanitarian and development process.

IRD’s office is part of a huge complex with excellent seating arrangements inside the office building. Employees comfort is absolutely taken care of and are given enough space to work in peace and calm environment. We have a nice kitchen where we all have our lunch together from 12:00 to 1:00 pm with a lot of fun chat. There is a nice gym and people like me who do not qualify best health indicators can join the gym with no charges.

As Senior Education Fellow, I am part of health team and providing technical backstopping to USAID Sindh Community Mobilization Program. I have been given opportunity to utilize my expertise of Gender and M&E. For initial two weeks I was given enough time to understand organizational culture i.e. how IRD team works, what it wants to be part of a team, how to prove myself that I could be a contributing team member of IRD and how to strengthen the concept of team building and friendly working environment. After that I was assigned my daily office work.

Best part of my experience with IRD is that my boss is an excellent professional who is not only very supportive but understand that which kind of strategic work could be taken from a fellow according to his or her expertise.

I can proudly say that I am serving at one of the best International nonprofit organizations, where I enjoy equal rights, Learning and contributing and having fun being part of such a nice and loving team!!!!!

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