“When I think about leading movements, I think of someone who has an army of supporters who make a change”.

Hira Saeed

Last month, during Global Leadership Lab week, I was honored to join Hira Saeed on a talk about the journey of becoming a CEO and Founder of a social change organization called CaterpillHERs after the Atlas Corps Fellowship, adjusting to cultural differences and the importance of upbringing women as fellow entrepreneurs. 

Hira shared valuable insights about  the importance of constantly telling our stories and making sure to build our personal brand into our own networks, breaking the myth and barrier for non common career backgrounds solving social issues, and putting yourself out there to make sure the story of what you’re solving is also out there.

As a tech journalist, she firmly believes and shares with us the importance of data in our stories as well, and in the stories of the problems we are solving; “data don’t lie” Hira mentioned, when talking about how her background and journalist skills helped her shaped the why on her messaging even to funders and partners.

Later on, we even talked about the future of online learning and the importance of community building on it, from having someone who you can relate to, with similar culture, background or experiences sharing their knowledge – “learning from the lens you are expecting to” – , to even allowing all communities and people to share the stories that they already own.

Whether you are an active fellow, an alumni or even someone still doubting if you should apply to the Atlas Corps Fellowship, go ahead and watch this interview with Hira, to get inspired about how the program helps you leverage your personal brand, your personal and professional skills, and career, as Hira mentioned:

You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take.

so take that step, apply to that program or make that call.

Watch the recorded transmission of Hira Saeed’s interview below.

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