Did you pc became slow and laggy, do the programs take longer than usual to start, does you laptop boot time become longer, maybe it’s the right time to install a fresh version of windows in your pc.

After using a pc or laptop for a long time, it gets crowded with temporary files and useless empty folders. Installing windows again might help speeding it up and making it as fast as it was at the beginning.

Steps :

The first step is to make sure you backup all your files, I suggest having two backups the first one using an external hard drive and the second is uploading them in the cloud, try Google drive  it’s free and large.

The second step is to download Windows Media creation tool, just Google “Windows Media creation tool” and it will get you to the right page in Microsoft website. After downloading this software, install it and wait for instructions.

The installation process is quite simple, agree to the terms, and wait another couple of minutes until you get to a screen to choose whether you want to upgrade windows or create a copy on a USB drive. In this blog we will cover the first option which is windows upgrade, the different between both, is that windows upgrade is simple and only required some clicks also you will still be able to use your pc while installing the fresh version of windows.

After selecting this option on the software, it will start downloading the right Windows version for your computer. Downloading time will depend on the speed of your internet.

Once the download is complete, it’s time for the software to create the media, this will also take like 15 min but it won’t require any download, it is mainly compiling the downloaded files into a windows operating system.

Once this step is done, you will be given the chance to backup your files again , pleas do if you didn’t do it before.

 The softwarewill then install the fresh version of windows, relax and enjoy a cup of tea while waiting for it to complete.

Depending on your pc or laptop, you will get a screen to choose some options, usually windows makes the choices easier for you some press OK everytime.

This will take from 30min to 45 min depending on your pc speed.

Congrats, you now have a fresh version of windows installed in your pc and it should be faster now. 

Is your pc still slow, are there still viruses that doesn’t wanna go away, stay tuned and read the next blog, on how to have a fresh windows install using a flash drive installation .




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