San Francisco Amateur Astronomy (FREE events)

This is something I have learned about recently from my friend. We both love learning things not related to our careers, and astronomy has always been something close to fairy-tail to me, astronomy movies and lectures are very meditative to me, and exciting every time. Anyhow, I recommend checking out this place. Space is great and learning about the Universe can substitute you a therapist 🙂

The SFAA a nonprofit organization that promotes the appreciation of the wonders of the night sky within the Bay Area community. This center provides public outreach, star viewing trips, scientific lectures, telescope making, as well as private members-only dark sky viewing nights and more.

While the website provides a lot of online content on a variety of astronomical topics, I think physical events are always more memorable and fun. Go to this link to see events:

Astronomy Lectures happen once a month. Guest speakers who are leaders in the fields of astronomy, physics, and related disciplines present to SFAA Members the latest developments from cutting-edge scientific programs. Meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month.  Tickets are free; non-SFAA members should bring their Eventbrite ticket for admission to the venue (lectures are held at two different venues, so double check where it is held).

San Francisco City Star Party – this is the dopest thing ever in my opinion. 😀 This is a monthly event. SFAA members provide telescopes for your viewing pleasure! You can actually watch stars and planets!!! But be sure to check the SFAA website for the latest updates, bad weather or overcast skies will cancel the meeting. Places are different again. The coolest is at Mountain Tam but often it is only for members. Time to find a member 😉

SFAA is an all-volunteer organization and you can contribute too! Available positions are telescope operators, star party guides, snack volunteers, mentors for new telescope owners, newsletter editors, social media and PR people, telescope-building volunteers, ride-sharing volunteers, lecture and outreach volunteers. Consider! See you there 😉