We are living in the time of Social Media expansion. It’s almost impossible not to have an account at least on one Social Media. Moreover, if you’re not on Social Media, you do not exist for the majority of people. This rule works for businesses as well as NGOs. For those who want to post great pictures on Social Media, I collected four mobile applications I use every day to make photos look better.


VSCO is the leading app for all Social Media managers and communications professionals. This app allows you to make small edits as cutting or turning images and working with colors. Using VSCO, you can improve contrast, brightness, or color balance of your picture. Moreover, with a free plan, you get 16 very cool presets (filters). With a VSCO membership ($20/year), you get even more: around 200+ presets, more editing tools as borders and more options for editing color balance, and the latest update—video editing using the same presets. But even a free plan is enough to improve your images!


As VSCO helps to improve color balance, horizon, and size of your pictures, you still need an app that allows you to adjust the image itself, or let’s say to edit everything in a photo. As you know, sometimes there can appear people or something unwanted in the background of a fantastic picture which ruins all composition. For quickly removing all these unwanted things, I prefer to use the Retouch app. You need to buy this app, but it costs only $2, and believe me, it’s worth this money! But be careful using Retouch. Yes, it removes unwanted things in a few clicks. Still, if the quality of removing is okay for Social Media, in most cases, it’s not enough for printing materials.


Okay, we’ve improved colors of your image (but I advise you to do it at the end of editing), and have removed all unwanted things from the back or front of the picture. What’s next? Let’s work with our faces! Here I want to add that when you’re taking a picture, results depend on the camera, light, photographer, and the moment this picture was taken. For example, sometimes, the wrong light can significantly change your face. That’s why you need a Facetune—to make you look as you look!

Facetune is a top-rated app to edit faces. Almost all celebrities use it! Unfortunately, for using it, you need to pay $4. But it’s nothing compared to what you can do with this app! Firstly, you can make your skin smoother and shining. You can add makeup, making your hair and eyes brighter. And finally, you can make some part of your face and body smaller or bigger!


And finally, when you’ve already edited your image and now get a fantastic picture, you need a great template to post it on Social Media stories. For creating stylish, inspiring, and good looking stories, I encourage you to use the Unfold app. In general, the app collects 100+ template packages. Some of them are free of charge; for others, you need to pay $1-2. Instead of pictures and text, you can add videos to templates. I believe this app is extremely useful, especially when you create stories for business accounts!

Thumbnail photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash