Today I’m sharing a little bit of my culture, probably the part of my culture I’m more passionate about: the Flamenco. To my understanding Flamenco is the art that best defines the Spanish spirit because of its forceful, often improvised rhythms and because it comes from the very roots of the Spanish people, in particular from the Gypsies from Andalusia, my state. It is interesting to think that one of the most international things from Spain has been created and developed from one of the most excluded minorities of the country. At the same time, probably this rejection gave to Flamenco the depth and the power that made it so famous.

Flamenco is all about feelings so to best explain myself I will just leave you three links to my favorite flamenco singer, dancer and guitar player, I hope you guys enjoy it:

My favorite guitar player, Diego del Morao

My favorite singer, Camaron de la Isla

My favorite dancer, Farruquito

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  1. Aparna says:

    Tito – thanks for sharing! I will find these artists today and listen to their music!

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