Fixing our conscience

We all want to create change in the world, regardless of ethnicity and religion, we all need a better world. Everyday, we see movements being created and those that lead such movements have a common objective, “making the world a better place.” 

The question is, “what happened to the world that we need to change?” it’s obvious that the majority of the problems we are fighting today are man made. You can stay in the comfort of your house and send a donation to support refugees around the world or probably sacrifice your time to volunteer in Africa for the World Food Programme.

As much as all this is good and in good faith, it’s time we dealt with the root causes. We sponsor wars and give asylum to those running away from justice, we don’t care when our brothers and sisters from the other parts of the world are being oppressed but instead trade with the oppressors then when we have gained what we want, we then go back and claim to help them recover from the effects of our own actions, “where is our conscience?”

Let’s guard our conscience and refuse to be used by forces of division, hatred, extremism and selfish desires and together we can make the world a better place. Remember prevention is always better than cure, today it’s someone else but tomorrow it may be you.

Peace and Love

Joshua Eyaru, Atlas Corps Fellow