Some weeks ago this adventure began. New faces, new languages, new challenges and
new learnings every day. I have found in Washington DC, a place full of opportunities and different cultures. It can be seen in our Atlas Corps´ family where we have fellows from different parts of the world: Pakistan, India, Egypt, México, etc. It’s too interesting to share simple things like a coffee or a lunch listening to stories about our countries and beliefs that make me realize that we’re not too different and have feelings and experiences in common.
Multiculturalism is something that I see in my host organization too, The Latin American Youth Center. This is a meeting point of the Latin American and African American youth. In this place, youth participate in different Education and Prevention Programs that allow them to spend their free time making new friendships, playing, learning, and laughing but most of all to become change makers of their own life and in their community.
The beginning of this journey has been more than I expected, I feel so happy and grateful for the great experiences that we had in the America Solidaria and Atlas Corps´ trainings that now give me the strength to continue this adventure.

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