I had the opportunity to partake and plan along with Ramona, Nici, and Sime their First 90 day presentation for the incoming Fellows, and found it a great reflective exercise. In terms of reflecting and discussing my own 90 days as an AC Fellow and my experience at the Firm. In just three months, I feel I have learned alot about myself, and my strengths and capacity. Additionally, I also learned that this fellowship is essentially what you make of it. And I find this lesson an important one that I remind myself every day. But more than that, it was great to converse and bond with my peers who have gone through and experienced pretty much similar situations as I am. I find that nuggets of knowledge is readily available for us to grasp as long as we don’t let them sift through our fingers. As a person who loves to meet and connect with others, I also found it an exhilarating experience to be the Tree Keeper. This allows me to not only create avenues for other people to connect and bond, but also enjoy the friendships that develop out of these connections.

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