office2It has been three days since I began to serve at Global Good Fund(GGF) as a fellowship program manager. GGF has been running such a prestigious fellowship program to accelerate the development of high potential young leaders to achieve out-sized social impact since 2012. Actually the organization is quite small. There are only 4 full-time staff members including myself but they are doing a great job. Especially it was so impressive to see their enthusiasm toward young leaders on the globe. In terms of sustainability, they have their own commercial products to create profits, which is very differentiated from other non-profit organizati  ons. Therefore, I was very thrilled to join here and already learned a lot from my team members. Also, I found some rooms to apply my work experience and knowledge to enhance their performance quality and brand awareness.

[Morning view from my office on 24th floor]office 3

As a program manager, I am in charge of communicating with 10 fellows who already were selected this year, LDCs(Leadership Development Consultants) and Coaches(most of them are high-level executives or CEOs). Since I was born in Korea and grown up there, I still need some time to get adjusted to the new environment. However, I strongly believe that I can enhance my global communication skills and experience many things such as fellowship program management, new commercial product development & implementation and fundraising, which are significant for me to improve for my future. So far, I feel very confident and comfortable. I want to do my best so that I could help them to achieve their vision, which I mentioned above.  Moreover, from my current position at GGF, I realized that how much Atlas Corps staff members devoted themselves to us and manage the program efficiently and effectively.

[Focus! Focus! Focus!]


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