Meeting with so many Americans on the streets in DC, the capital city of the US, living with housemates who have different cultural backgrounds, frequent gatherings among fellows from different countries, so many professional events and networking… Each moment of new people is a big CHALLENGE to me, maybe like everybody else. Different ways of greeting such as bowing, shaking hands, hugging, kissing cheeks, eye contacts, comfort zone, and the topics to begin the conversation with etc. Sometimes my body begins sweating, or I even have to get some fresh air to get out of feeling choked out of no reason.20150522_174143 Nevertheless, I keep trying hard because I have a faith that in the name of ‘DIVERSITY’ that we value so much there is something very special that, I would call, UNITY and also you can learn the concept of unity through the healthiness by looking right into your emotions and expressing them honestly and sincerely. We have to recognize that we grow at every step of each challenge we meet. Feeling honest about my emotion is one of my life philosophy; smile or laugh when you are happy, cry into tears when you feel sad. If you have no problem with expressing them, I will adore you, but when you look around, you can easily find it hard in reality. 20150524_185400 Even though in some cultures males are not supposed to show their tears in front of others I believe the emotions need to be expressed and resolved by all means. I believe it is one of the healthiest habits we can have from our daily lives. Then, whenever you get angry, should we express the anger into fighting? At this point, I am sure you already catch my point. There are different forms of healthy ways of expressing your emotions. Now, here comes another issue, healthy communication. I am planning to take a chance to deal with this interesting topic in my other blogs. 20150522_10391720150522_103922 Human beings are always afraid of being alone while we want to be on our own when we are with many people. We cannot deny that even we sometimes feel lonely in crowds. At the same time you feel difficult in meeting new people just like me, you constantly want to be understood or find someone who can understand you. I think somehow and ironically that is why people tend to hide their emotions of being afraid and pretend to be a ‘COOL’ person. Once I have thought of the paradox that the meaning of the word ‘cool’ has. The healthy relationship that I believe always begins with the principle that you have to be sincerely honest about yourself as much as you want others to be honest about themselves. That is also called ‘Being yourself.’ I think the healthiest beings about emotion in the world are children. According to a Korean psychologist Hea-Nam Kim, every human being has a small child in their sub-consciousness and people tend to press the child under their burden of being adults. Despite the world we live in, full of ‘Dos and Don’ts’ I wish you all look at your child in you and go back to be yourself sometimes. 20150527_181741

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