As I start the count down to the last few days of my fellowship, I am grateful for what the year had to offer. When recording my capstone project video, I had time to reflect on what my achievements have been this year and to say the least I am going back to Kenya a changed person.

As a fellow at InsideNGO, I have taken more from the organization that I have given back. Through the fellowship I attended and participated in workshops and training organized and facilitated by InsideNGO. Probably some of you are wondering what we do at InsideNGO, InsideNGO is a Washington DC based membership organization that strengthens the operational and management capacity of international development and relief non-profit community in the pursuit of global development through workshops, trainings and webinars.  I have managed to attend trainings on USAID rules and regulation, how to build effective partnership with other NGO’s, learn the nitty gritty of being an effective trainer, subaward management, proposal development and the most honorable achievement was to become a certified project manager.

I have also enhanced my networking skills by interacting with other fellows and InsideNGO members at trainings and workshop which has built my network both professionally and personally. My family has expanded and I know anytime I visit a country where there is an alumni, I have a home. I am grateful and eternally indebted to all the  fellows especially Eva and Bola and to my colleagues Sara and Roxy (my cousins – I was made a honorary cousin by their family) for making the year short and fun.

Within the duration of the fellowship, I have learnt how to appreciate the different cultures by listening to different perspectives brought to the table by different people, which has made me more open minded and less judgmental other cultures. I have learnt how to count my blessing and complain less on what it is that I don’t have and appreciate the little that I have for is when we start appreciating that the blessing trickle more

Its hasn’t been an easy walk considering the amount of money that one has to survive on but all in all, its made me a good “budgeter” and an open minded person in believing that where there is a will there is way.

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