Many people say that making friends as an adult is challenging as most of the friends we have, we meet either in school or at work. Moving to a new city alone is exciting until you realize the closest people you have are thousands of miles away. Trying to make new friends doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. But the effort one makes can still spell the difference.

Luckily through my awesome Atlas Corps local ambassadors, I have instant friends in my new home. One of my local ambassadors is Ari and his fiancee, Alli. The couple is tremendously wonderful. Ari has been a volunteer for the Atlas Corps for four years now. It is a happy chance that Ari is a Filipino-American and a foodie. With this perfect combo, meetings are always delightful. In many ways, they have enriched my new life in the new city.

Indeed moving is incredibly brave as you are out of your comfort zone. But its rewards are extraordinary. It leads you to amazing experiences and opportunities and incredibly cool people without even trying. For Ari and Alli, I am grateful.