If you only eat halal food or trying too like me, this blog is for you 😉

Long story short, it’s not going to be easy for you or your stomach to live for a year in the US, where ever the state of your host organization and it’s worse if you don’t like vegetables like me (which I put the blame on my parents!! Who didn’t try harder with me when I was a kid and rejected to eat vegetables and called them rabbit’s food!!! 😛 )

The long story is, 98% of the restaurants in the United States provide non- halal food, even sweets and pastries you always need to double check, as they use rum a lot in their recipes. Therefore don’t think you’ll survive somehow without cooking, thinking that you can manage to find some meals with reasonable prices or worse which is you do my mistake and not bring any spices from home (listen to your mom and take that collection of spices she made you, you’ll know its value later. Trust me!!).

The good news is that there is a smart lifesaving mobile application and a website called Zabihah , it does not only show you where are the nearby halal restaurants but you also get to see other people reviews on those restaurants. You know what’s even better!!? It shows you the nearest Halal food markets, butcher and mosques!!

So to save your pocket and your diet download that app, learn a few of your home favorite dishes and bring some spices with you. But DO NOT bring any type of meats with you (bacon or dried or salami) as it’s prohibited by the US immigration.

Ooh! One more good news fruits prices are very reasonable in the US, so you can choose to become a fruitarian if you like 😉

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