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Feng shui is Chinese by birth and global by acceptability. It is considered to be 4000 years old. Feng shui can be broken down to “foong” which symbolizes wind and “shway” which stands for water.

It is the placement or manipulation of material in and around your home to produce correct ‘CHI’ (energy). In Chinese history, ‘chi’ means everything and without it everything is still (dead). Chi has utmost importance in their way of living and a big role to play in feng shui. They say it is very important to have balanced flow of chi in one’s home to have peace and prosperity.

There are three schools which have studied feng shui deeply and make people aware about its proper usage. These schools are
Traditional, or Classical Feng Shui Schools, Black Sect Tantric Buddhism School (BTB), and Intuitive/Modern School of Feng Shui. Of the three schools the traditional school is primarily dedicated to direction and the modern school is more inclined towards other facets of feng shui. An expert of Feng Shui is one who can apply the learnings of all the three schools.

There are few objects which could be used to improve the amount of various energies (chi) around one’s home. They include
a) Mirror
b) Lights
c) Plants
d) Wind Chimes etc.
With their optimized usage, we can increase profit making, peace, harmony and power in our household.

It is said, proper implementation of feng shui is required to have desired result. So, it is advised to perform the art with better knowledge.

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