20160527_194935000_iOSOne of the things that I like most about Atlas Corps is the network of Fellows that you have the opportunity to meet during your Fellowship. The cultural exchange with people from different countries, ideas and professional backgrounds make of this program the perfect way to open your mind and learn new things.
I wanted to share a little bit of my experience with Atlas with the youth of the Center that I work daily. For this reason, I decided to invite 2 of my Fellow Fellows to the Teen Center to do a workshop with my kids.
The first Fellow to come was Deepa, she came with a big smile and energetic attitude to teach the kids about Indian culture. She talked about geography, food, religion, language and she showed us amazing pictures about her country.
Of course, she taught us words in Hindi, like: My name is Lina= Mera naam Lina hai, Yes= Han, No=Nahi. Then, she made us to dance a Bollywood song :), it was super fun!

Finally, she spoke about a concept called Human Library. In this concept people become the books to share stories and experiences. “This practice is used to promote dialogue, reduce prejudice and fear, and encourage understanding” . Deepa was our book that day; we learned from her more about her family, her job in AIESEC and about her passion to travel, she has been in 21 countries!

The second Fellow to visit the LAYC was Imran. He came few weeks ago to do a Workshop with the youth of my Summer Program. In this program, I was teaching kids about Jewelry and Entrepreneurship. At the beginning, Imran talked about his first steps to become a Social Entrepreneur and how life taught him different lessons that gave him the idea to create his own project in Bangladesh to empower youth teaching them soft skills. He did different activities with the kids to teach them more about themselves and the importance to listen others to learn more about their experiences.

Finally, I would like to thank Deepa and Imran for taking their time to come to the LAYC to share their talents and experiences with us :).



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