Zuhal has eight years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s of General Science degree from the University of Juba in Sudan. While working as a monitoring and evaluation officer for Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) under a multi-donor funded emergency program, she helped to expose the myriad of problems facing internally displaced women and girls in the southern and central Darfur IDP camps. Her commitment to grassroots development and down-to-earth approach established confidence and trust among the IDP women to confide her with their problems. Previously, she worked for CARE International in Sudan in an operations role. Zuhal also worked for World Vision (WV) Darfur program as an administrative assistant. Zuhal is a member of World Plus network and has published articles about situation of women in Darfur. Through these experiences, she developed solid project cycle management skills. Zuhal´s area of focus is on women and children and has a very strong passion for the girl child.

Host Organization: Oxfam America

Role at Host Organization: At Oxfam America, Zuhal will serve as the Gender Justice Thematic Support Fellow, and will support and contribute to Oxfam America’s gender justice program and policy work. She will work towards advancing OA’s gender-thematic areas through assistance in building staff capacity in gender, expanding the gender portfolio, and achieving a more rigorous and practical integration of gender work into programs systems.