Zohaib is a social entrepreneur with three years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He is deeply passionate about adolescent and youth empowerment and has been working in both urban and rural settings for the last six years. His work focuses on capacity building for youth in underserved communities with the vision to equip youth with marketable skills to gain sustainable socio-economic advancement. Zohaib is a co-founder of MentHub (an ed-tech startup), an online community that aims to share knowledge within different tiers of society through mentorship interventions. His role involves critical decision-making on program launches, outreach, marketing, and communication, tapping funding opportunities and on-ground execution with community stakeholders. As a Program Manager at Amal Academy, a Stanford University supported ed-startup, he designed, tested and implemented a career-prep fellowship. This immersive experience empowered him to apply contemporary tools for greater impact & scalability. Zohaib is working with the British Council as a Master Trainer for Rural & Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program, where he develops training modules in collaboration with Social Enterprise Academy Scotland and trains youth from marginalized communities throughout Pakistan to create solutions for tackling poverty, social exclusion, and economic insecurity. Through Zohaib’s diverse experiences in education innovation, entrepreneurship, youth empowerment and community mobilization, he has developed strong competencies in design thinking, strategic planning, business development, monitoring and evaluation and leadership development.

Host Organization: Echoing Green

Role at Host Organization: Zohaib will support the creation and implementation of a strategic plan to overhaul internal communication at Echoing Green using Slack. He will also provide key administrative support to their Communities of Practice Program and assist with the program and logistical planning of the annual New Fellows Retreat and All Fellows Conference.