Wiem Jbeli is a young Tunisian who has over 4 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She has earned a BA in Business English and an MA in English for Communication. Wiem is currently the Secretary General of the Tunisian American Alumni Network, focusing on reintegrating Tunisian exchange programs alumni upon their return to Tunisia; thus, creating an opportunity for them to come together to bring positive change. Her role with TAAN includes establishing and promoting synergy between exchange program alumni. Wiem started volunteering in the community when she was a student. Her main interests revolve around women, youth empowerment and education. Wiem participated in various local initiatives and projects and succeeded in encouraging youth in her community to be more active. Her experience and her devotion to her community granted her the chance to represent Tunisia in the MEPI Leaders program of 2016, where she took part in a leadership and project management training at Georgetown University and volunteered for DC Central Kitchen. Upon return from the U.S., Wiem invested and transferred the knowledge she gained in her community and worked as a facilitator for the Association for the Promotion of Citizen Education – APEC. In this role, she was part of a program targeting high-school students in marginalized areas. The program included workshops and activities aiming at raising awareness on active citizenship and engaging young students in their communities. All these experiences made Wiem keen to move forward and continue working on making her community and country a better place.

Host Organization: Meridian International Center

Role at Meridian International CenterAt Meridian International Center, Wiem will serve as the Youth Programs Fellow: developing strategic communications plans, managing social media efforts, and preparing graphic materials and mobile apps for GlobalConnect’s international youth programs.