Tsanta Gaëlle Ramamonjisoa has eleven years of experience in the nonprofit sector, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Anglophone Studies from the University of Antananarivo, and a Master’s degree in Communication and Languages Applied to Tourism from the University of Antananarivo. Since March 2020, the first lockdown in Madagascar, she has been working as a digital influencer and a content creator for the educational platform Voice for Change, and continued to leverage her voice as a voice artist. By writing human-interest contents, creating twenty-seven video shows across three different social media platforms, and by lending her voice to nonprofits and companies, she could spread positivity, foster greatness and break stigma around minority groups like the deaf. Prior to this, she served as a short-term communications consultant within the environment portfolio of the World Bank Group in Madagascar where she mainly supported the natural resources management specialist with digital storytelling and content production for over ten months. Besides these, she is the founder and the former president of the youth-led volunteer-match organization, One Way for Change, from July 2015 to March 2019. This experience helped her enhance her youth engagement capacity as well as her project management and communications skills, by putting herself in the shoes of over eighty volunteers and the nonprofits she has been working with and for. Also, by way of utilizing project management and content creation tools like Trello, Canva, and iMovie. Aside from enjoying to focus on topics of youth development, Gaëlle also has a strong passion for leadership programs and digital literacy.

Host Organization: Making Cents International

Role at Host Organization: At Making Cents International, Gaelle will be working as a Youth Engagement Fellow: Gaelle will support activities for YouthLead.org, with outreach and polling of youth networks to identify in-demand topics, content, and resources for the platform and its related learning events.