Tahir is a meticulous resource who started his professional career when he was 16.5 years old only, initially working as a sales man in an upscale department store, he was offered a job as a human resource professional in an established IT firm operating out of UK. Tahir spent almost 3 years with the firm learning human resources operations, he then moved on to another firm and was working in HR & OD. At this point he had gathered around 5 years of HR experience and was then offered a position as Manager HR & OD in one of the largest used Japanese car company operating from Yokohama, Japan. In this job, Tahir expanded the company from 30 people up to 700+ people in a span of 3 years. He was driven with the passion to prove himself as a manager and hence was instrumental in ensuring that the company reached new heights in terms of profits. Tahir has a blend of people management skills, developing people using leadership pipeline method, entire spectrum of human resources management and organizational development. After succeeding with the assignment at the Japanese company he was appointed as Head of Human Resources of a local group dealing in food industry, Tahir developed entire HR systems and Training areas and at the same time worked in a parallel role as Franchising head for the same. After spending 2 years with the mentioned company he was offered a role as Head of HR at a multinational microfinance bank, he served for 1 year and now is pursuing his passion as an entrepreneur. Tahir has a master’s degree in political sciences and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in HR & organizational psychology from IOBM, hence overall he has 13+ years of working experience and complemented qualifications.

Host Organization: Eat Offbeat

Role at Host Organization: Tahir will help Eat Offbeat develop procedures crucial HR processes to ensure an outstanding employee experience and allow for healthy scaling. He will implement those procedures in NYC and examine ways to translate them to other contexts as the company scales.