Sunga Kufeyani is a Project Management and Communications Professional. She is a Co-Founder and COO of Loving Arms Malawi a local non-profit which works with young people in areas of abuse and education, Loving is committed to victim support and raising awareness on issues of sexual violence to encourage conversations with the hope of encouraging survivors to speak up as well as encouraging girls from marginalized communities both financially and emotionally in staying in school and pursuing their dreams. Sunga is using her blog as a mode of raising awareness by sharing different stories from survivors. She is passionate about advocacy and human rights, she uses her voice to serve and empower women in marginalized communities. Sunga has worked as a National Director for 2ndMilk a US organization that works with vulnerable families in Malawi providing formula and nutrition.

Host Org: Philanthropy University

Role at Philanthropy University: Philanthropy University operates a volunteer program that selects our most engaged and successful learners from the Global South to become “Ambassadors” on the learning platform. As Program Coordinator Sunga will work directly with the Ambassadors to refine the program, grow the scale of impact that Ambassadors have, and escalate general feedback to the Product and Operations team.