Sopheakpanha Cambodian citizen who resides in Phnom Penh. He graduated two years ago with a major in English language from Royal University of Phnom Penh and in economics from Royal University of Law and Economics. For roughly a year and half till now, he has been working as a digital media coordinator at Voice of America (VOA) in Phnom Penh. As a digital media coordinator , his job is to translate assigned international news articles, help edit the translation work from other digital media news assistants, transcribe English audio of an interview for translation and handle the Facebook page of Voice of America. In addition, he helps organize the digital work flow by delegating works to other digital media news assistants since quality digital news contents need to be posted on VOA online platforms in a timely manner. Until now, VOA digital work flow embarks on a smooth road with the number of audience engagement keeps on rising as the digital team brings forward quality and credible digital contents. Providing the audience quality enterprise news reports to the audience is one of the driving forces behind his taking up of journalism.

Host Organization: Voice of America

Role at Host Organization: Sopheakpanha will work on reporting, translating, voicing, narrating, shooting video, recording audio, posting and publishing digital text and visual content online to digital web and social platforms, and conducting on-camera interviews.