Smiti has close to ten years of experience in the nonprofit sector in India and holds a Masters degree in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India. Smiti is currently working with VOICE 4 Girls as a business development officer, helping them streamline their organizational policies and financial strategies. During her time as a student social worker/counselor with Muskaan, she was individually handling cases of children battling mental stress, as a result of parents seeking separation. Previously, she worked with People’s Association of Training and Health, where she designed and conceptualized a program on preventive health and education for adolescent girls and older women of the community in Mumbai, India. Smiti has volunteering experience with organizations such as Rotary International, FIAPO, CARE India, Freindicos, World School Network, Goonj, Janarth Adivasi Vikas Sanstha, and IDA on projects relating to the thematic areas of health and environment. Her strengths include volunteer management, human resource management, event coordination, planning, listening and interpretation skills. Along with focus on mental health, Smiti also enjoys working with children, in the areas of health and education. She has a strong passion for rescue and rehabilitation of animals. In future Smiti sees herself working in the area of health and education.

Host Organization : Nike Foundation

Role at Host Organization: Smiti will help the Nike Foundation use her Investment Fund intelligently to take the Girl Effect to scale. Smiti will help manage a portfolio of grant relationships that deliver maximize return on investment, capture and distill learning, and inspire large-scale initiatives for girls.