Shorouk has three years of experience in science and social entrepreneurship. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in physics and chemistry from Alexandria University, and initiated her start-up social enterprise to provide innovative solutions for water scarcity in Egypt using CSP technology. Her leadership and entrepreneurial skills helped her team receive technical and business support from TUB Campus El Gouna, Youthinkgreen-Egypt, GESR Misr El Kheir, and Nile University and get funded by the Academy of Scientific Research & Technology in Egypt. As a passionate, multilingual storyteller, she has encouraged her to team to work on a documentary about emerging social entrepreneurs in East Africa who are supporting climate protection. Previously, Shorouk contributed to informal educational programs for already existing entities and organizations, to promote sustainability and social entrepreneurship, she volunteered as an academic staff member, a head of the academic committee, and a project manager, she has also been a coach in several non-profitable organizations. She is a very dedicated researcher, an action-oriented worker and an excellent presenter.

Host Organization: Nestle

Role at Host Organization: Shorouk will support stakeholder research, the development of
communications on CSV topics (potentially including both short- and long-form writing
and graphic design), digital media management and analysis, and media relations
background research.