Sarahzin has eight years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Master’s of Social Science in International Relations from the University of Dhaka. She earned a Post Graduation Diploma in Journalism from the Bangladesh Press Institute under the National University. Currently she is working at Plan International Bangladesh for more than 2 years as Communications Coordinator. Her focus is in Mass Communications, and thus, is developing communications strategy, yearly implementation planning with budget, and writing reports for the Donor like Netherlands Foreign Ministry. While working in Save the Children for 17 months, she was the team member of translating United Nations Concluding Observations from English to Bengali. She has also contributed her expertise in formulating National Child Policy. Besides participating in a Training of Trainers (ToT), Project Cycle Management, and Executive Certificate Course on Understanding Developments, she also conducted trainings for journalists and Fellows of American Center, Dhaka on child rights and protection. Through these experiences, she developed qualities of strong project coordination, making large campaign program and capacity building. Sarahzin finds interests in developing diversified communications materials for different types of stakeholders. She wishes to develop more knowledge and skills on child rights and protection issues, and to work for the common good.

Host Organization: Save the Children

Role at Host Organization: Sarahzin will join Save the Children in Washington, D.C. She will work with the child protection team and represent Save the Children on the community level. She will also work to provide assistance to field based projects. Sarahzin will develop skills in program development and research through her experiences working with project leaders and stakeholder groups.