Saket Mishra earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Mumbai in 2007. He has seven years of experience in healthcare marketing as a Creative Director, designing strategy, concept and ideas for pharmaceutical brands and campaigns. Looking to engage in more fulfilling work, he took a sabbatical in 2009 to set up his own nonprofit that launched Maid in India. The project has been a success, raising over $15,000 in grant money, changed 250 lives and reached 1000 households. The project is making revenue of over $10 million and working towards training and employing 1000 maids by 2015. He also helped Online Buddies, a LGBT dating site to launch in India, by helping with strategic partnerships and designing their offline marketing strategy. Saket is a skilled community mobilizer and uses his marketing background creatively to launch grassroots awareness campaigns that engage end users and brings them to the program. Along with strong program management skills and social marketing, Saket is interested and involved in advocacy for labor rights and women’s employment and health.

Host Organization: Massachusetts General Hospital

Role at Host Organization: Saket is joining Partners HealthCare, Center for Connected Health in Boston. The Center is working on technology-based programs to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare and public health efforts in the US. As a fellow, Saket will be executing research pilots for new delivery programs in areas of chronic disease management, cancer care etc. Also, he will contribute to user interface design, and design strategy for new LGBT-based projects, as well as project manage existing projects for their design philosophy.