Sadia is a development practitioner with demonstrated skills in social and academic research. She has over five years of experience in the non-profit sector where she worked with micro-finance institute, nonprofit organisations and consultancy firms. Based on her extensive role as a team leader and social influencer, she became a Chevening Alumna (2016-17) and attained master’s degree in Social Research Methods (Social Policy) from Durham University, United Kingdom. Her degree has equipped her with an in-depth understanding of Social Research which covered range of approaches to research- not only in terms of the techniques and methods used in social research, but also in terms of the theoretical underpinning of research. Throughout her career, Sadia has passionately worked for socio-economic development of her country where she addressed the issues pertaining to social policy areas such as gender inequality, poverty, education, healthcare, and unequal economic opportunities. In her efforts to address these issues she worked extensively at various positions to empower women through education and entrepreneurship in Pakistan so as to eradicate poverty and inequalities from the society. Through these experiences, Sadia has developed strong social research, project management (including, project planning and implementation) policy development, and policy related evaluation research skills which helped her to investigate and highlight social issues and device programme implementation and action plans to address them.

Host Organization: Kiva

Role at Kiva: At Kiva, Sadia will help us significantly improve the breadth and depth of our research reviews, which form the basis of Kiva’s impact measurement system. This will involve not only expanding the set of studies we use, but significantly improving the way we communicate their results and our methodology.