Fernanda has 6 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and recently earned a bachelor’s degree in English Language Teaching from the Binational Center Instituto Mexicano Norteamericano de Relaciones Culturales. She started as a grassroots volunteer at “COMAC” working with people living with HIV-Aids and the LGBTIQ+community, advocating for human rights, reaching out to at-risk youth, as well as hosting an internet-radio program. She was selected on the entrepreneurship program “Jovenes con Valor” 3rd generation by Ashoka when she founded “It Gets Better Mexico,” which is the 10th international affiliate of the “It Gets Better Project.” In 2011, she was chosen to be part of the “U.S. Consulate General Monterrey’s Youth Council” where she functioned as a president, and developed social-community projects to strengthen Mexico-U.S. relations. She also works to date with them to advance LGBTIQ+ rights in their foreign diplomatic agenda. This work led Fernanda to be selected for the “International Visitor Leadership Program” by the U.S. State Department in the field of “Human Rights and Gender Identities.” Fernanda is a well-known speaker who has participated in (inter)national forums about gender and sexual diversity, including giving a TEDx talk. The organization “Paz Es” recognized her as an exemplary citizen, and the U.S. State Department as a “top young leader,” both in her hometown. Her fields of expertise are focused on: entrepreneurship, leadership, advocacy, education, diversity, languages, and youth development combined with strong skills such as management, strategic planning, logistics, public relations, and a global citizen view. Most recently, Fernanda became a member of “Global Shapers,” an initiative of the World Economic Forum.

Host Organization: Latin American Youth Center (LAYC)

Role at Host Organization: Fernanda will work with the Teen Center (TC) staff to facilitate recruitment and registration of middle/high school youth and evaluating student progress in the programs. Fernanda will also collaborate with TC staff to assess the needs of youth, and then liaison with LAYC staff to identify workshops and activities that address those needs. A primary role for this position will be the development of a youth leadership project.