Rabecca Makhuwira is a professional and seasoned development practitioner specializing with over five years’ experience working in the non-profit sector. During her career, Rabecca has worked with three International Non-Governmental Organisations in various roles, including in monitoring and evaluation, project management, volunteering, proposal development, developing Monitoring and Evaluation systems, conducting research studies and reporting. Rabecca is also an entrepreneur in the Agriculture sector. Recently, Rabecca was working for Action Aid as Monitoring and Evaluation officer in a consortium of five non-governmental organisations. Rabecca also volunteers for Center for Women and Girls Empowerment (CEWOGE) as a Programs Director. She is very passionate about girls and women empowerment and investing in children as she believes the future of Africa lies on it. Some of the leadership roles Rabecca holds in her community include, developing effective social protection systems, motivational speaking, leadership training’s facilitation, adult literacy teaching and fundraising for needy female students. For the past two years Rabecca has impacted girl’s education by sharing her stories, encouraging female students’ dropouts to go back to school and providing scholastic materials to needy students. She is also a Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) alumni, a program for Southern African Leaders and graduated with a certificate in public management by University of South Africa which has enhanced her authentic and transformative leadership. Through these experiences, Rabecca has been equipped with the necessary technical and leadership skills that has necessitated her to effectively deliver.

Host Organization: BronxWorks

Role at BronxWorks: With BronxWorks, Rabecca will to help strengthen the program’s effectiveness, with respect to tracking retention. This added investment in time and effort will help to increase their use metrics to track the follow-up of the income of the program participants continued employment, job promotion, increased wages and need for public supports (i.e. public assistance, transportation, childcare, etc.).