Phillip Mlanda has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Having worked in various community development projects, Phillip built his professional experience through volunteer work. He holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science & Statistics from the University of Zimbabwe. Utilizing his innovative computer science skills, Phillip developed technical solutions to improve communication skills. Most recently he worked as the Systems Analyst for a software company called Spectrum IT Solutions. He developed Interactive CD’s for Waternet Zimbabwe’s projects, a perfect tool for information dissemination. He co-led a 2-year project that helped disabled people to empower themselves through entrepreneurial projects. Working with Leonard Cheshire Zimbabwe Trust, a nonprofit organization that shares his vision to empower children and youth with disabilities, Phillip developed their website and continues to provide technical support. He has worked on promotional material for the African Youth Charter, as well as developing the program’s IT and e-marketing, and statistically assessing its market position in the country. As part of a seven-person team, Phillip represented Zimbabwe in Singapore where they showcased three different entrepreneurial projects. Phillip received a Service Leadership Award and a Medal of Honor from SIFE International.

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Host Organization: Service for Peace