Phales has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from the University of Zambia. During the time she worked for World Vision as a monitoring and evaluation officer, Phales gained a lot of experience working with the rural communities and programming projects to ensure that they met their goals. She helped vulnerable children with access to education, good health and clean water. She also has led the Sinazongwe area development program in conducting the end of cycle evaluation in which all the project’s’ impacts were assessed against the baseline. When she served as a global health corps fellow in 2014 to 2015, she witnessed how health equity and social justice are possible to achieve. This experience exposed her to public health and has strengthened her leadership skills. Phales has worked on a number of projects ranging from access to sexual reproductive health and rights, to HIV and AIDS, food security, and economic empowerment. She also participated in an early childhood development community sensitization. It addressed developmental delays in children and gave technical support on a Smartcare project which included training health workers in the electronic health system. Phales enjoys interacting with children, conducting presentations, research, report writing and project management.

Host Organization: World Vision International

 Role at Host Organization: Phales will help develop a new framework and narrative for World Vision International to decrease vulnerabilities of children, with a special focus on disability inclusion and gender. Her portfolio will include extensive research including literature reviews, environmental scans, position papers, communications and analysis of opportunities to strengthen equality and inclusion through the Sustainable Development Goals.