Patrick Rumanyika is a community development practitioner from Rwanda with three years of experience working in the nonprofit sector. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Development Economics from the University of Rwanda and a master’s degree in International Development with a specialization in Community Development from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. He utilizes his skills and knowledge in the areas of project management, economic development, youth empowerment, and capacity building. He is particularly interested in empowering rural youth and bridging the linkages between community development and agriculture. Previously, Patrick worked with PPIZ in Tanzania as a project leader. In this position, he played a key role in project designing, planning, and documentation processes, as well as developing all essential project documents.

Host Organization: CorpsAfrica

Role at Host Organization: At CorpsAfrica, Patrick will be serving as the Alumni Association Fellow where he will work to build a system that supports former CorpsAfrica Volunteers in their personal lives and professional careers. Patrick will develop a solid framework of communication for CorpsAfrica Volunteer alumni, create opportunities for alumni to stay involved with CorpsAfrica and provide professional support services to alumni, including hiring events and professional development opportunities.