Ons has more than two years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned
a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Tunis Business School in Tunisia.
As a national coordinator of Tounes at Ta3mal which is an initiative of Microsoft
and Sialtech, Ons was responsible for every aspect of program activities in
Tunisia. She contributed to the development and growth of the Ta3mal
ecosystem, which includes building a network of key contributing partners,
adapting continuously the platform to the Tunisian context, and handling the outreach efforts to
promote the services to youth and youth-serving organizations. Previously, Ons was the
employer engagement officer of Tounes Ta3mal and became a great added value to the team
and to the overall performance of the project by building strong, authentic and sustainable
partnerships between the “Tounes Ta3mal” platform and the corporate environment. Through
this position, she was able to connect to young opportunity seekers with talent hunters, thus
shortening the unemployment gap that is facing the young Tunisian communities. Looking back
at these years of active civic engagement, Ons can now say that her experience with project
management in complex organizational ecosystem was the major live-training field in which she
developed both interpersonal and leadership skills, but also an analytical mindset that allowed
her to take into consideration new different perspectives

Host Organization: Microsoft

Role at Host Organization: Ons will help evolve global project engagements, partnerships,
processes, tools, research, and thought leadership by supporting the AAI team, which collaborates with internal and external partners to develop innovative new products, solutions, and business models that enable billions more people to affordably get online and access applications and services powered by Microsoft’s Cloud.