Victoria has over three years of experience in communications, social and community development, and leadership development. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communication from the African University College of Communications, an affiliate of the University of Ghana, where she graduated with First Class Honors. She previously worked as an Event Coordinator at GEMGirl Initiative, where she was involved in several social development programs such as Feed the Homeless 2015 and 2016, Breast Cancer Awareness 2016, Social Entrepreneurship Awareness 2017, and Gem to Gem Initiative. Victoria has also volunteered with Victoria Michael’s Foundation, a subsidiary of the Africa Literacy Development Initiative (ALDI) in Ghana. She’s previously served as an Innovation Analyst with Sankore Investment in Nigeria and as a Business Development Executive and Conference Manager with corporate learning company Innovare. Most recently, Victoria served as an IT Firm’s Communications and Marketing Executive. There she developed various communications strategies and integrated them into the corporate culture. She is very passionate about innovation, community development, gender equality, and youth leadership.

Host Organization: BronxWorks

Role at BronxWorks: At BronxWorks, Victoria will serve as the Executive Coordinator, providing executive, administrative and strategic support to the Executive Director, members of the Executive Team, and Senior Program Leadership.