Nyasha has a strong background in youth employment initiatives, workforce training, and community engagement. Following his relocation to South Africa, he earned his Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Marketing Management from the Management College of Southern Africa. He is committed to the development of sustainable social entrepreneurship initiatives to improve the living conditions of underprivileged communities in Southern Africa. As a Work Seeker Support Manager, he has been a part of the Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator’s Leadership Team that facilitated the successful transition of over 30,000 at-risk youth into sustained employment. The team also supported over 250,000 young unemployed South Africans with the skills needed to find themselves employment since 2011. In his role, he provided operational leadership to support the organization’s work seeker support targets. Previously, Nyasha worked as an IT Coordinator for Media Works, an education and training organization focused on literacy and numeracy challenges for groups in need, including people with disabilities, and farm and mine workers. There he was involved in the design and implementation of e-Learning projects funded by various Skills Education Training Authorities (SETAs) in South Africa. Through these experiences, Nyasha developed strong leadership, project coordination, and management skills. He is passionate about promoting youth employment, skills development, and has a particular interest in development communication.

Host Organization: BroadFutures

Role at Host Organization: Nyasha will support the Program Director and CEO with coordination and management of the BroadFutures program, including program development and implementation, communications and marketing. He will also help BroadFutures to serve a greater number of interns both directly through the program and through in-services and workshops.