Nesrine has two years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a
Master Degree in Business Management in Marketing from the Mediterranean
School of Business in Tunisia. She has worked as a Monitoring & Evaluation
Coordinator since January 2017 at the USAID-funded Business Reform &
Competitiveness project (BRCP): a job creation project in Tunisia through a
targeted technical and HR assistance for small and medium enterprises with
the aim to increase their competitiveness. She worked closely with BRCP’s different
components elaborating work plans, setting objectives jointly with the team and stakeholders.
She also monitors on a regular basis the advancement and achievements of the project in
accordance with the project goals – based on key performance indicators. She also reports the
results to the project management, Home Office, and USAID. During recent years, she has
been involved in the world of entrepreneurship and she took part in several different
conferences in order to acquire more understanding in entrepreneurship. She also participated
in an entrepreneurship based-program for empowering entrepreneurial minds in the emerging
world. During this program, she had collaborated with other participants to create a participatory
online platform to enable better communication between citizens and municipalities as well as
between citizens themselves.

Host Organization: PYXERA Global

Role at Host Organization: Nesrine will help with the public and communications
department in planning the Fall 2018 Global Engagement Forum, corporate sponsorship, and
marketing material. She will also contribute her entrepreneurial experience to other events and
strategic priorities.