Nastya has seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Master’s of Arts degree in International Relations and minor in Foreign Languages from the Omsk State University in Russia. She is a training and capacity building specialist with professional experience in program management, civil society empowerment, leadership development, community building and sustainability. While working as project manager and coordinator for Social Project for Transgender People “LAVERNA” – an initiative that she has launched in Siberia, Nastya has helped to build and develop the capacity of transgender communities in Siberia and has worked on women’s empowerment in the region ensuring access of marginalized communities to professional, leadership, safety and economical support and development. Previously, she worked with community-based human rights organizations to advance human rights education and advocate for the rights of LGBTQI individuals and raise awareness about the discrimination and hate crimes in the country. She has also worked as coordinator in Siberia for American Councils for International Education promoting and strengthening youth leadership development and civil society empowerment in Siberia region. She has vast experience in coordinating regional projects, developing and conducting regional and international trainings with different international stakeholders, such as US Embassy, Amnesty International, TGEU, UN Women, IGLYO and ILGA-Europe. Through these experiences she developed strong coordination and project development and implementation skills. Nastya has a strong passion for women’s rights, peace and conflict resolution and community building and leadership development.

Host Organization: Empowered Women International

Role at Host Organization: Nastya will assist the Program Director with implementing the entrepreneur training programs in three locations in the DC region, with a focus on seeking ways to enhance program delivery, recruitment, and communication. She will also gather written and graphic summaries of key impact information, for use in funding proposals and final reports, as well as in communication with individual donors.