Motassem Awaja is a qualified software engineer. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from Al Azhar University of Gaza and holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology from the Islamic University of Gaza, for which he authored a thesis on Semantic Web and Ontology. He is a high-caliber expert, knowledgeable problem solver, and efficient developer experienced in the .NET framework. Moatassem is proud of his 3 years of condensed experience working in software engineering and programming roles with international and local organizations and companies in his home country, Palestine. From 2015 to 2018 he worked for UNRWA’s Gaza Field Office and its international technical partner, GGateway, on different programming systems. He gained valuable insights from his work across a range of systems that were designed to serve vulnerable populations in the regions, such as marginalized families, struggling school children, and war-affected communities. Motassem boasts an excellent track record of top-notch project management and delivery of results. Notably, he worked on projects related to qualification, programming, development of web/win Apps, and knowledge engineering endeavors using the semantic web and ontology technologies. People find Motassem as to be an outgoing and upbeat individual who comes across as driven, self-motivated, and eager to learn. He possesses excellent communication skills and is always seeking opportunities for personal and career growth with like-minded people.

Host Organization: boodleAI

Role at Host Organization: At boodleAI, Motassem will serve as the Web Front-End Engineer Fellow: implementing the web-based UI of boodleAI’s predictive analytics SaaS platform.