Mohsin is passionate about raising awareness and educating young Moroccans about gender equality, environmental issues, intercultural education, and Amazigh rights (the indigenous culture of North Africa). He is a 2015 Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Moulay Ismail in Errachidia. In addition to his background in mathematical and analytical skills, Mohsin maintains a passion for foreign languages. He speaks Arabic, English, French, German, Tamazight, and Spanish. He has taught these languages in both a formal classroom setting and as a volunteer. Additionally, he has partnered with U.S. Peace Corps volunteers to teach Model United Nations, life skills, and journalism curricula. In 2016, he served as a Language and Cultural Facilitator with U.S. Peace Corps in Morocco, assisting youth development volunteers in gaining the linguistic and cultural knowledge crucial to their success. While working with the Peace Corps, he developed lesson plans and adapted them to various learning styles and age categories. Additionally, he served as a bridge between trainees and their host families, assisting in overcoming cultural gaps and misunderstandings. Mohsin is an avid writer, contributing articles to the local all-English publication Morocco World News. His writings cover a variety of subjects, such as gender, Amazigh culture, education, and the environment.

Host Organization : GlaxoSmithKline

Role at Host Organization: Mohsin will help manage global volunteers and NGO partners and work on Employee Experience and Strategy Development. He will also help researching the Volunteer Opportunities, Employee Value Propositions, and best practices in corporate social responsibility in order to develop recommendations for the organization